Cigar lovers believe that that get burned are cigarettes and their cigars are just better. To the true cigar lovers the one who smokes a cigarette is just like a lover of fine food eating things that are made in an Easy Bake Oven. But cigarette lovers disagree with these. They believe that cigarettes are the best choice of smoking.

Some people are afraid of cigars as the stick of tobacco usually lurk in a bedroom closet, and wait for night to fall. But to some other people cigars are good as they can crush them in an ash tray, on a garbage can, or on a sidewalk. Cigars are always better than cigarettes as they are larger than cigarettes. Cigars also provide the luxury, the sophistication and different varieties.

Is giving up smoking really difficult?

There are many people who lie about giving up smoking. They say that giving up smoking is a very difficult indeed impossible job to do. But the fact is quitting smoking is not at all that much difficult task to do. If you are willing to give up smoking but are not able to find the right procedures then you may follow the following tips given below:

 You should have the desire to quit smoking: It is very important on your part to be prepared to quit smoking both physically and mentally. If you are not prepared then don’t even think of quitting.
 Decide a quit date and try to implement from that date only: Start reducing the number of cigarettes slowly. Quitting cigarettes instantly is not possible and will impose huge impact of withdrawal affects.
 Consider this quitting as a challenge: Analyze how long you can go without smoking and then try to beat your previous timing by increasing this period every time. If you are successful in quitting smoking for a whole day then you can definitely quit smoking, as most of the toxins will be cleansed from your body.
 Control the action of your mind: It is life known that smoking is mental addiction rather than anything else. So if you are able to control the action of your mind then you can easily quit cigarettes.
 Accompany yourself mostly with the non-smokers: Try to be in the company of non-smokers, and avoid smokers as they will trigger craving in you to smoke.
 Tell everyone: If you tell everyone about your quitting decision then they will become cautious while smoking in front of you.
 Find a good replacement: There is a very good replacement available in the market that is ecig. This ecig is quite popular in the market as well, and is very helpful to reduce your cigarette intake. Ecig fulfills all the desires for smoking without doing any harm to your health.

Introduction to ecig:

The ecig or electronic cigarette is a device which provides smokers with a healthier option. It has been in existence for almost 3 years. This is also useful to reduce and even quit smoking altogether. This ecig is gaining popularity day by day in the mass market due to its reduction in size than the earlier versions. The new generation is termed as the “mini” and is the most realistic ecig to date. Its length is of 100mm which is the same as a conventional cigarette. An ecig contains the taste of tobacco but not the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes, thus allowing smokers to be satisfied without inhaling the dangerous toxins. Ecigs do not emit any dangerous toxins or smoke, thus making them legal to smoke in public. Non smokers are also benefitted with this, as they won’t be the passive smoker any more.