Given below are some of the easy ways to quit smoking which may try, if you are a regular smoker:

• Don’t believe if anyone has said that quitting smoking is an impossible task to do.
• It’s not at all the most difficult thing in the world. There are many other difficulties available in this world.
• Meditation and self-hypnosis will help you stop smoking as well as hugely. Do exercise daily and take plenty of healthy foods.
• Smokers usually smoke after taking their meals. They can reduce this habit by taking either coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine as that may reduce the craving.
• Your friends and family should support you.
• Try avoiding situations which make you crave for smoking even after you quit.
• Try to reduce the number of cigarettes intake per day.
• Try placing the cigarettes at different location. This will help in reducing the cigarette intake.
• Try avoiding around people who still smoke.
• Try to employ stop smoking aids like ecig or nicotine gum to avoid cigarettes.

So don’t ever put any pressure on yourself to quit smoking. You just have to know that it will come eventually.
How ecig helps in quitting smoking?

The ecig is a device which provides smokers with a healthier option. This is also useful to reduce and even quit smoking altogether. An ecig contains the taste of tobacco but not the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes, thus allowing smokers to be satisfied without inhaling the dangerous toxins. Ecigs do not emit any dangerous toxins or smoke, thus making them legal to smoke in public. You will get to know more about the benefits of ecigs if you consider the e-cig reviews. Given below are some other benefits:

• It reduces bad breath, which helps to recover the sense of taste and smell.
• It increases sexual pleasure and functions.
• It also reduces chances of some major illnesses such as heart diseases and cancer.
• It saves money as well.

Always check the e-cigarette reviews on various sites on the internet. Electronic cigarette reviews will give you better ideas for you to quit smoking.

How cigars are better than cigarettes?

Given below are the top five reasons why cigars are better than cigarettes:
• The Length: When it comes to tobacco, size does matter. Actually the fact is how long does it last. People often smoke cigarettes in ten or fifteen minutes, as they are short lived whereas cigars, last much longer. Smoking is more pleasurable and the pleasure is extended for few hours.
• The Sophistication: Sometimes cigars are more sophisticated than cigarettes, at least in America. If you simply smoke cigar it will automatically generate a sense of sophistication whereas for creating sophistication while smoking a cigarette you will require a prop such as a cigarette holder, a monocle, or a top hat.
• The Variety: Cigars instill many varieties. Cigars vary in looks, smell and taste. Different cigars also offer extremely different flavors, like one cigar may have hints of earth and leather while another one may taste like chocolate and coffee.
• The Bars: Cigars have cigar bars. Cigar bars are places which welcome the seasoned smoker and provide a sense of true luxury. There are some Cigar Bars which let cigarettes in, but actual Cigar Bars always maintain No ‘Cigarette’ Smoking Allowed signs. Cigarettes, on the other hand, usually have no such bars.
• The Drinks: Cigars go well with drinks. It’s easy to find a cigar with varied flavors that goes very well with variety of drinks from a coniac to an espresso or from a bottle of wine to a bottle of scotch.