The effect of smoking on your health can be very serious. When you take the first drag on your cigarette, the chemicals are already been taken in your body. Each cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals and at least 400 chemicals out of them are poisonous. One of the most poisonous chemical is the Tar, which is somewhat like the black stuff on the road. Tar begins to coat both the lungs when the smoke enters your lungs. A smoker smoking 20 cigarettes a day is assumed to breathe in a full cup of tar in a year. Thus lungs are the first organ that gets damaged with smoking. There are some other chemicals found in cigarettes, they are as follows:

• Carbon monoxide- highly toxic gas
• Hydrogen cyanide- very unstable and poisonous chemical
• Heavy metals- those are found in the cars, appliances, etc.

The next organ that’s damaged the most in the body is the heart. When nicotine enters the body, it constricts the blood vessels which lead to higher blood pressure, and also raises the heart rate. These put a huge stress on your heart leading to different heart diseases and problems.

Diseases caused by smoking:

Some of the popular diseases commonly found in smokers are chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema for the lungs. And heart attack, stroke and coronary artery disease are common heart diseases among smokers. These diseases may lead to death. Thus quitting smoking is a very good option. If you can’t quit smoking then you can better opt for alternatives like ecig.

How ecig helps quit smoking?

The ecig or electronic cigarette is a device which is useful to reduce and even quit smoking altogether. An ecig contains the taste of tobacco but not the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes, thus allowing smokers to be satisfied without inhaling the dangerous toxins. Ecigs do not emit any dangerous toxins or smoke, thus making them legal to smoke in public.